Brand story

BRAND STORY  Consistent, 27 years have always focused on doing every cup

  For 27 years, Xintian is an important process to produce various paper from disposable cups and bowls, plastic food containers, gradually grow into the high-end food container expert. We have created many glories and successes.
  In the 1990, the thermoforming industry in China was not yet formed, and the strange people were drinking the same cup at the beverage kiosk. It's very common. But just over 20 years old Xintian founder He Linjun earnestly in mind: infectious disease is common glass wanton, health hazard. He Linjun is eager to make a disposable cup to isolate the spread of the virus and improve the health consciousness of the whole people.
  Then, He Linjun threw himself into the food container industry, study the equipment process, overcome difficulties, adhere to high standards, do a good job in every cup, to capture the market.
  Since then, as the market industry upgrading, raging like a storm, Xintian has been in. Xintian and not because the first step to occupy the market slack, has always had a zeal, constantly updated according to the development of the industry and professional needs of customers. One step at a time, the use of time honed to become the national food container leader, focused on creating high-end, safe products.
  27 years, do not forget the initial heart, began to meet, longer than the company. In the years of baptism, Xintian the disposable cup "little do, do fine, do not hurt the deep", the first exclusive mouth roll process, give the most intimate care; the equipment upgrade across the board, the implementation of 100 thousand GMP sterile purification workshop, after crafted imported German technology, the completion of each wonderful transformation, with good food containers, good care, provide strong support for food safety.
  Time of gear will never slow down, Xintian feet will never stop. Xintian people adhere to the full spirit, vigorous action, adhering to the "we sell not only products, more is to provide solutions and services for customers" concept, to provide quality products and services for customers, the responsibility for the society, not only to create high-quality brand Chinese food container industry, it is in order to become a respected companies struggle.